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Occasional Finished Things

Oct. 19th, 2008

05:23 pm

Find out where I've journeyed
on the Map of Human Sexuality!
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Feb. 28th, 2006

08:37 pm

Amazing, how I can have all these half-written bits of smut sitting around, but this one got started and finished the same evening.

In which Jonathan is touch-hungry and sharing a bed in Mexico with Andrew:
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Dec. 10th, 2005

04:25 pm

Someday I'll finish a fic, but until then:

You scored as Hot. You are Hot, you scream and are wild, people love doing anything sexual with you.


















What is your sexual style?
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Apr. 11th, 2005

02:03 am

Maybe someday I'll finish one of those six or so stories languishing on clipboard and scrap paper. But for now I just wanted to post this amusing incident: I was catching up on hp_springsmut and Ed happened to come by just as I was snorting in amusement at a disclaimer on a story warning of "dubious consent involving squid." (Not a story I'd click through the lj-cut, that.) I showed the disclaimer to Ed and he said that when next he was embarrassed about me seeing something he was looking at, he would remember this and say to himself that at least he doesn't read communities where stuff like that is posted! 8)

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Jun. 25th, 2004

10:55 am - Smut smut smut smut . . .

Woo-hoo! I finally finished a decent-length (for smut, at least) piece of fanfic! Posting here for friends to read while I spend forever deciding which is the best of the kazillion communities I read to post this to.

Title: Hermione's Runaway Imagination
Summary: Hermione has been captured by the Death Eaters, but her imprisonment and Bellatrix Lestrange's use of her as a sexual guinea pig are not so miserable when she can imagine some very different situations.

(Actually, there's probably going to be a non-smut sequel where dealing with what happened is not so easy. But this isn't that.)

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Jun. 12th, 2004

11:08 pm

My hardcore rating is 7! How hardcore are you? Brought to you by hp_hardcore.

Apr. 10th, 2004

09:35 pm - Well, duh!

According to this quiz:

Plot? What plot? Okay... maybe a little bit to add some color. You like to read stories that specialize in the art of seduction *wink* for a good story read "Then you looked at me" by Snake of blackness (can be found at FF.net)!

What kind of Harry/Draco fic do you prefer?
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Mar. 26th, 2004

05:38 pm

Well, since I created this account so I could read slash and other erotic fanfic (and once I recover from this miserable cold and finish something, to post it as well), it's no surprise that the Friend Fusion looks like this.

pedanticpervert's Friend Fusion
...it. But it got threesome boy on boy sex. Disclaimer: Ummmm, no. JKR I'm not. So all I own is the ...headmaster jumped out of its path, but the bolt followed him. There was no way to dodge it, and Dumbledore was ...shivered. The man crawled, dripping, under the covers and shivered again at the touch of cold sheets to his bare skin. ...group I had. I should, like, post a challenge up there ... hmmm ...] Summary: SNAPE IN A DRESS. What else ...look like they weren't listening by idly pushing their eggs and bacon around their plates. Harry opened and closed his mouth, ...silencing charms on his room. Feather-light touches drifted down his jaw. "Take it, take it all." Remus took it. The rough ...no, you can't... I won't." A whisper of cloth as Snape stood, more seeds pinging against his toes. Snape's hands came ...the nomination will be ignored. 12. Judges can not enter their fics/have their fics nominated in he category they're judging. I'll ...Colin guided him to the couch and made him sit. “There. Better like that?” Dennis didn’t answer. Maybe he couldn’t. Colin ...much away. Hehe. Okay, so yesterday I wrote a ficlet/drabble about Harry and Draco coming out to the school. Please, please, ...
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Mar. 20th, 2004

08:33 pm

How does Lucius Malfoy Do You? by tenacitydrader
Hogwarts House
Where?The Quidditch Bleachers
How?Rough n' dirty (rowr!)
andHe lets Narcissa watch
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Mar. 19th, 2004

09:18 pm

Just testing my brand new LiveJournal.

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